Dan Arel: A is for (Atheist) Activism on November 19th



AASF is proud to host Dan Arel, an award-winning journalist, blogger and bestselling author of Parenting Without God. Ken Ham's Ark Encounter stole millions of dollars away from Kentucky school children. Theocrats around the nation refuse to listen to nonbelievers. It’s time everyone took a stand, and it’s time we realize we can take a stand.


Dan's new book, The Secular Activist, is not only about why we must stand up against the religious right but how we do it. From Facebook to the streets, secular activism, in all its forms, will reshape the nation and return it to the rightful roots of its secular past.


This talk, "A is for Activism" is that very call to arms. Why we must act now, how do we do it, and how we can learn from each other. 


The religious right is backed against the wall and lashing out. 


How will you respond?


Dan lives in San Diego and has travelled to the Bay Area to speak to us. He has written for AlterNet, Salon, The Huffington Post, Time Magazine, CounterPunch, and others. He also has a column called Danthropology in American Atheist magazine. His blog by the same name is on Patheos.


After the meeting please join us for dinner at the Big Lantern, 3170 16th St


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When: Saturday, November 19th at 3:00


Location: Eric Quezada Center for Culture & Politics, 518 Valencia (at 16th St.), SF. This is one block from the Mission/16th BART stop.


Cost: $6 Renting a meeting room means we must charge admittance. We would appreciate exact change if convenient. Most of all we want you to join us for this talk.

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