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Atheist Advocates of San Francisco (AASF)

We are inspired by a vision of a vibrant Bay Area atheist and freethinker movement that is tied into the national movement. As the metropolitan center of the Bay Area, it is vital that San Francisco take a leadership role in working with the other local atheist and freethought groups.

We strongly advocate activism, including rallies and speaking at government meetings on issues of vital importance to atheists and freethinkers. We certainly welcome atheists and freethinkers who want to socialize at picnics and have discussions at educational meetings without getting more active. We will continue to organize such events, as we have done in the past, but are convinced that we must go beyond meetings and dinners to activism in order to effect change.

We feel that education in and promotion of atheism is vitally important. We will continue organizing events that promote science, with a special focus on evolution. But we are convinced that scientific thinking must extend to one’s outlook on life. Science in service to religion will surely destroy our species. The atheist perspective demands evidence for conclusions, and stands in complete opposition to the idea that faith can be a viable basis for knowledge.

We envision the creation of numerous sub-groups spanning several atheist groups in the Bay Area. Imagine a group of volunteers who are eager to help in various ways with making things happen at Bay Area atheist events. How about a group of parents who are seeking other atheist parents so that their kids can spend time with children who don’t talk about God? How about a support group for those dealing with breaking away from their church?

We hold strongly the conviction that a group like ours has to be responsive to the needs and concerns of our members. Without your active participation we can never affect change. We want your feedback, even if it is critical. We want your ideas for speakers, events and structure. We want you to feel that you are very much a part of this group and the greater community. Please email us with your ideas.

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